Sean Miller wins MMA debut!

Sean Miller has been training at CVL BJJ for a few years now achieving his blue belt in BJJ last year after a ton of dedication and hard work. 8 weeks ago Sean set out to compete in his first amateur Mixed Martial arts contest. Leading up the the April 2nd event he was training Muay Thai and BJJ 5 times a week along side a specific fight camp we put together for him twice a week. 

Our MMA coach, Jake McLean, ran a great camp for Sean touching up on some takedowns, tightening up his defense and sharpening his offense. The camp was tough, as it should be. Sean stayed on target, making sacrifices with work and his personal life to make sure he made it to as many training sessions as he could. Sean cut weight slowly over a number of weeks and got to his target weight with no problem. We saw improvement in his ability with every week.

At the weigh-ins his opponent didn’t have the same discipline as he did not make his weight. Sean then got matched up with different fighter whose opponent didn’t show. On fight day we found we were the first fight on the card. Super stoked to get to fight first the sit back and chill for the rest of the night! 

As the fight began there was a small striking exchange and Sean snatched a single leg and threw his opponent to the floor into a strong side control position. His opponent was holding on to Seans head with all his might hoping for a stand up. Sean stayed calm and solid with his position. 2 minutes into the fight Sean took his back and sunk in a Mata Leon Choke for the win! 

A big group of our students came down to support Sean and we were able to chill with our crew for the rest of the night watching the remaining fight card. 🙂

It just shows what a grand vision and dedicated hard work can do. Super proud coach over here! Awesome experience for all of us! 

We are preparing a few more fighters for the near future. Stay tuned in.