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9th Edition of the CVL BJJ Annual Summer Cookout

Reaching back to the first edition cookout at my old house on Center Avenue in 2007. That was the first year I took command as the director of Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A group of about 30 folks all with jiu-jitsu on their minds. Its amazing to me how much history has happened within this group…

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Krav Maga 4-week Striking Environment Course July 25th 2016

Perfect for those whom wish to focus on self-defense. Mindset, proven techniques and tactics to keep you and your loved ones safe from violent encounters. Krav Maga is a defense system that was originally created for the Israeli Defensive Forces. The system has been modified for civilian use and is also great fun! This 4-week…

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BJJ Basics Progression Course July 26th 2016

Our excellent BJJ basics course is starting again. Learn the art of leverage and move the world! Meeting everyTuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:25pm for 8 weeks. July 26th – September 15th This course is designed as a stepping stone for new folks wanting to move into our level 1 class. Providing the basic blue print of our BJJ…

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