9th Edition of the CVL BJJ Annual Summer Cookout

Reaching back to the first edition cookout at my old house on Center Avenue in 2007. That was the first year I took command as the director of Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A group of about 30 folks all with jiu-jitsu on their minds. Its amazing to me how much history has happened within this group over the years. All the challenges and trials of life we are still at it and better than ever.

You can’t quit family.2016cookout8


The day was a blazing 100 degrees Fahrenheit at mid day and patrons braved the heat to celebrate one of our staple events of the year.

Halfway through the evening I looked around and this huge yard was full of activity. There were groups playing volleyball, throwing the frisbee, playing cornhole, a crowd surrounding the salmon ladder testing feats of strength, the grill smoking away, groups sitting around laughing, kids splashing around in the pool and racing back and forth. It was a surreal moment.

Thanks to everyone who came out and shared the laughs and good times. Thank you to my lovely and hard working wife Anna Emery who prepared the amazing food and got everything together for the day. Thanks to Jamie and Ben Hedman, who hosted us at their home and creating such an awesome space. Thanks to Richard and Oana Moore for taking these amazing pictures that really captured the day well.2016Cookout12016cookout5

We are not only able to celebrate our 9th year going into our 10th but also the growth of our school into our new facility at 1731 Allied Street. This is an incredible year that is sparked with excitement and anyone who steps through the front door can feel it.


Here’s to moving into our 10th year. May we continue our jiu-jitsu journey and face our challenges head on.