Voted Best Martial Arts School in Charlottesville again!

Cville Weekly just announced we were chosen as the best martial arts school in Charlottesville for 2016!! This will make it the second year in a row we have won and we couldn’t be more happy.

Thank you to all our patrons near and far who rose up and made this a reality!

Its been a great year and we are still getting better. Alongside our recent move to the new facility the sky is the limit. We have lots of plans to expand our school and make it accessible to everyone in the Charlottesville community. We have plans for an ongoing BJJ self-defense class, a no-gi instructional class, a grappling conditioning and wrestling class, as well as expanding our super popular kids and juniors program into the weekday.

Stay tuned in for our Grand Opening in the Fall!!!

This picture is hilarious. I was asked to describe a self-defense technique for the magazine so I decided on the defense to a two hand strangle against the wall. Step one was, “Don’t panic” so they snapped this picture to go alongside the description.

Can anyone guess who’s super hairy gorilla arms those are?