Carvin’ out skills

Charlottesville BJJ is dedicated to providing a positive environment and necessary tools for learning and developing awesome Martial skill.

It takes an instructor to show techniques. It takes a teacher to break complicated information down into a few simple steps and have people understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. It takes a trainer to produce the right drills and work ethic for skill development. It takes a coach to encourage and inspire along the journey toward excellence. We understand that for students to excel they need all of the above. Our staff are here to shape and mold you into efficient and effective martial artists, as a method of better life.

Training in the Martial arts is the act of bettering yourself. We always see ourselves as a work in progress. This can only be obtained with an open mind, an “empty cup”, to allow new information in. This is true for the novice, as well as the expert. So, when you feel like you don’t know anything, you are on the right track.

The classes we conduct are always thoughtful and logically sequenced to make for progressive learning. Our classes are always getting better, just like our students. We are continually refine our methods of training to enhance our students abilities.

We believe that in order to gain natural strength one needs to use positional leverage and to tap into what we call “Free energy”. We practice being in a good position and using the entire body for leveraged power. Mentally, as well as physically, this fundamental concept is absolute. From unifying breath and movement to correctly aligned posture in any position. This is a method to unlock ones’ full potential. We want our students to have strong roots with this concept in all our classes.

The human body, if used properly, has a tremendous capability and resilience. It is an extension of your mind. Once you believe it to be true and are using it properly your potential is limitless.

The styles of Martial Arts we teach are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Krav Maga. Their power lies in these concepts of alignment and leverage. Because of their effectiveness in their respected areas we find these methods to be superior in unarmed combat. We are very open to using what is effective and we love learning all we can.enlightened

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