Juniors BJJ

Ages 9 – 14 ~ Saturday morning: 11am – 11:55am

The Juniors BJJ program is our version of jiu-jitsu middle school in the grand vision of our student development.

At this stage of our school program we introduce takedown techniques and submissions. A higher level of responsibility is expected in this age group. The goal of the program is to have students develop good sportsmanship and a well rounded jiu-jitsu game. Classes consist of a fun warm up, technical practice with partners and live matches. Safety is one of our biggest concerns and strive to keep a students healthy by supervising all training by qualified instructors and assistants.

Here are some of our Program values:

  • Respect and Sportsmanship – We have a strong appreciation for respecting one another and emphasize it in our classes.
  • Focus and Determination – Focus on technique will put one in the moment to solve the problem at hand.
  • Coordination, Balance, Agility – All good physical traits, plus more, that stem from Jiu-Jitsu training.
  • Exercise – Kids need an outlet for their energy. Exercise is also needed for a healthy body and a productive mind.
  • Self-Confidence – Developing the physical capabilities to defend themselves has tremendous impact on the rest of their lives.

Developing these characteristics in our children early will prepare them for everything life can throw at them; from handling bullies to academic excellence and beyond. Enroll your child today and see for yourself.

Quality Instruction

It’s important to us that all the juniors stay on track and get the help they need to progress. We have a lot of assistant instructors on the mats during class time to help with this. This allows us to get to know and coach each junior as well as assist them, keep their minds focused and ensure safety. 

The Uniform ~ Kimono / Gi

At this age we introduce the Kimono or “Gi” as it is called in jiu-jitsu class. The BJJ uniform is used for gripping and controlling the other player. It is accompanied by a belt of rank that is worn around the waist. The BJJ gi is a thicker a more tailored fit uniform than other types of marital art uniforms. We have these for sale at the front desk.


A student’s rank is based upon his/her knowledge, physical skill, length of time training, attitude, and overall quality of movement and understanding. While earning any particular rank is an achievement, it is a mistake to place too much focus on this as an end. Focus on training; develop the techniques; have a positive attitude and everything else will follow naturally.

Juvenile belt ranking system goes as follows:

White / Grey / Yellow / Orange / Green

The first stage in the journey is the white belt. The BJJ white belt is unique as it comes with a black bar on the end for awarded stripes. If your child is coming from another martial art they will start BJJ as a brand new white belt. There is no transfer of rank from any other martial art into BJJ ranking.

Starting at Grey belt we require students to demonstrate proper technique to earn a stripe or their next belt. Students also need to memorize and say the student creed:

  • I promise to use my jiu-jitsu for self-defense and to help others in need.
  • I promise to keep my jiu-jitsu from harming or bullying others.
  • We promise to use our jiu-jitsu to lift people up!

Each belt has 4 stripes that are awarded before moving to the next belt color. At the age of 14 your child will be eligible to attend the adult classes. At the age of 16 students are eligible for the adult ranking system starting at blue belt. To earn the adult blue belt students must be invited and pass an examination of fundamentals. This list is posted on the wall at the school.