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Master Eyal Yanilov and Gordon Emery (pictured above)

Real Self-Defense for Real Situations.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga – (pronounced krahv mahgah, meaning “Combat Contact” in Hebrew) is a pure self-defense and striking system developed for today’s modern world. The system is a collection of the most street applicable techniques from Boxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Wrestling. It is known for its focus on real-world situations and brutal counter-attacks. Krav Maga principles can be applied to any combat situation using an analytical approach to the problem to find the most efficient solution.

The self-defense techniques of the system are based on ones natural flinch reaction to danger. Your reactions are improved through training drills and fighting games. Striking to vulnerable areas quickly and brutally to shock the assailants system is crucial to Krav Maga techniques. Higher levels of Krav Maga deal with more complicated situations including sticks, knives, baseball bats, firearms, multiple attackers and 3rd party protection scenarios.


The development of the Krav Maga system was derived from street-fighting skills developed by Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld (pictured on the right), who made use of his boxing and wrestling as a means of defending the Jewish quarter against fascist groups in the mid-to-late 1930s. In the late 1940s, following his immigration to Palestine, he began to provide lessons on combat training to what was to become the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) who went on to develop the system that became known as Krav Maga. Upon retiring from the military in 1964, Imi began focusing on developing Krav Maga for civilians against common street attacks and problems.

Eyal Yanilov (pictured top of page on the left) is the Co-Founder and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Global and KMG – USA, and was Imi’s closest student and assistant. Eyal is the only individual to be awarded the Founder’s Diploma of Excellence. Working with Imi, Eyal refined and expanded the Krav Maga curriculum. The two wrote a book together laying out the principles of Krav Maga and defenses against armed attacks, making this training system accessible to the public.

In the 80’s, Eyal began traveling around the globe teaching Krav Maga in different countries and training all the first generation Krav Maga instructors. He enhanced and developed Krav Maga to become the preferred combat fighting system for the military, police, and special forces around the world. He has spent decades training fighters of elite units and anti-terrorist squads, as well as SWAT teams, security groups, and executive protection personnel. In 2010, he founded Krav Maga Global (KMG) and personally organized a team of high level international instructors and sent them all over the world to develop Krav Maga to his standards.

Krav Maga at Charlottesville BJJ

In 2013, our lead instructors had the privilege train with the Krav Maga Global team attending their 23-day Instructors course. The level of instruction from Ilya Dunsky, Ron Moran, Albert Kagalski and Master Eyal Yanilov himself, was amazing and we reshaped how we thought about teaching classes. We passed the instructors course with Graduate rank and a ton of great experiences. So much to bring back and share.

We believe Krav Maga is for self-defense only. We do not grade students in Krav Maga or follow any ranking structure. We only provide quality training to develop good self-defense skills. We have excellent instruction, curriculum and training regime that develops our students in self-defense and fighting ability.

Our entry level program is a 6-week On-Ramp course geared towards building the fundamentals of Krav Maga. In this course you will learn and develop the deescalation posture, effective hand strikes, strong blocks and choke releases. We run it in cycles back to back throughout the year and is the best time to start your training if you are a beginner. It is a prerequisite to enter our On-Going program.

Our On Going program visits more complicated self-defense situations including knife, stick and firearm defense. Warrior spirit is developed at this stage. Once you have passed the 6-week On-Ramp course you will be eligible to attend the On Going classes with permission from the instructor. Most candidates need to attend the On-Ramp course at least twice.

We want our students to prevail in times when their abilities are needed. That takes quality and thoughtful training, building students abilities one step at a time. We create a unique experience for the students that allows them to develop their mindset and physical abilities to become capable fighters. Classes are energetic, fun and rewarding.

The preferred time to start is at the beginning of a 6-week On Ramp course.

To get started; arrange an appointment to watch a class in our viewing area or participate in a trial class.

  • Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm – 6:25pm
  • We offer 1 and 3 month trial memberships as well as annual memberships.
  • Look for our workshops with expert guest instructors on weekends!
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“So that one may walk in peace.” ~ Imi Litchenfeld